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Yes this is true. Nearly all the Honey in our Tall Trees Range comes from our own hives, so we know exactly what flora the bees have been collecting nectar from and where and when. We only collect honey from Native Australian Trees. Our hives have approximately 50,000 bees each when at full strength. 

Our Bees


We have both Italian Bees, with the typical yellow and black stripped bodies and Russian Bees which are completely black in colour. Both are in the European Bee class and both are prolific Australian honey producers. Russian bees tend to be seen as more hardy than Italians and are reportedly less susceptible to some bee diseases

Cold Extraction


All our Tall Trees Honey is Cold Extracted and Cold Filtered which means it is not heated above Hive Temperature at any point. This ensures all the natural flavour and goodness contained in the honey is maintained and preserved. You can easily taste the difference. 

Honey Crops


We are often asked, "Is it the Bees or the Trees which make the different flavours?" The answer is, It's the Trees! We typically move our bees from one Honey Crop to the next every 6-8 weeks. This is how the Tall Trees Range has 12 different flavours and is also why some types of honey are not available at certain times of the year.

Honey Flows


What is a Honey Flow? This is the term used in our industry for when the nector starts to flow in the flowers and the bees start to bring honey back to the hive. Many things can affect just when this occurs, including how much rain the trees have received over the past 1-2 years, the current rainfall, wind and  temperature. 

The Trees


Our Tall Trees Range is so named because  of the unique fact, that as far as can be controlled, all our honey comes from Australian Native Trees.  Specific detail about each tree, it's scientific name, it's height and typical location is included on each label of each Honey type in the range. 

About Our Honey

Harvested from our Hives

   Our Honey is harvested from our own Hives for most of the year with some varieties being sourced from other  honey producers when required.  Our bees collect nectar from Native Trees growing in Natural Habitats along the Great Dividing Range of Australia's Eastern Sea Board.  Our Honey's are 100 percent natural and are completely free of added sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners or preservatives

Australian Eucalyptus - The Tallest Flowering Trees on Earth.

Did you know that the Australian Eucalyptus family of trees has amongst its members the Tallest Flowering Trees on Earth? Some of these giant trees, the Eucalyptus Regnanshave, found in Southern Tasmania have grown to just under 100 metres tall. The tallest recorded tree in Queensland stands over 70 metres tall in Conondale National Park, the centre of the beautiful Sunshine Coast Region where our delicious honey is produced. Nothing is more pristine than the nectar gathered from flowers high up in the canopy where the air is pure and fresh.

Organic Grade Honey

 All our honey comes from native Australian Trees and is never sourced from Crops or Genetically Modified Plants. In addition each Honey Crop has a Unique Batch Number which is shown in colour on the front of each jar which identifies exactly when and where the bees collected the honey.

The Cooloola Region



 For a great part of its history, Cooloola was a part of the beloved territory of the Kabi Aboriginal Tribe.  This territory also included the scrub-covered hills of the Blackall Ranges, the majestic Kin Kin scrubs and the scenic and productive coastal zone.  Their territory embraced virtually all of what is now known as the Sunshine and Cooloola Coasts in Queensland, Australia.

Coo-loo-la - what does it mean?


 The word Cooloola comes from the name given by the Kabi speaking Aborigines to the native coastal cypress pine found along the South Eastern Queensland Coast Line. Cooloola is the sound the wind makes as it whispers through the branches of the trees.   

Kabi Aboriginal Tribe


 The abundance of fruit and game and the equable climate combined with the glorious panoramic scenery gave the Kabi speaking Tribe one of the most productive and idyllic existences of any of the Australian tribes.   

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Family owned and Operated

 Based in the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Queensland Australia, our bee hives produce some of Australia's finest Euculyptus Honey. Our Company is 100% Australian owned and operated and is dedicated to producing pure, natural, top grade Australian Honey. 

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