Queensland Ironbox Honey- Batch 418

Queensland Ironbox - Batch 418


honey characteristics

Ironbox Honey has a light to medium amber colour  and  is graded medium on density and viscosity (how runny it is)!  Natural crystallization may occur over time .......a feature of  all pure honeys.   Bottled in August 2018, this premium grade honey will be best consumed  before 2025. If crystallisation occurs, please warm the honey jar in warm, but not hot water.


Ironbox honey has a sweet flavour with a slightly sharp finish with hints of citrus. This honey is pure and has not been warmed above hive temperature  to ensure all the natural flavour and goodness has been retained.

taste suggestions

 Ironbox Honey is  natural pick for tea and coffee, is delicious on yogurt, on crumpets, muffins and on porridge. It is also an excellent meat glaze if kept in the fridge where, given time, it will crystilise into a smooth paste. Generously baste over roast cuts before cooking......you won't be disappointed!

harvest location

Our Batch 418 Ironbox honey was collected and harvested in a "Dry Rain Forest Stand" in the Rundle Ranges National Park area in Central Coast Queensland. Good rains in late 2017 ensured deep moisture penetration into  soil, with follow up rain coming at a good time for flowering. Although flowering was excellent, the nectar flow was slow this year...... if anything, it's improved the flavour.

time since last harvest

Queensland Ironbox can typically be worked for a honey crop every three years. The last prolific honey flow was in 2016 in this area.

harvest weather conditions

Weather conditions were favourable, with mostly warm, sunny days with low wind. Daytime temperatures were mostly in the 25-32 degrees range, with medium to high humidity.

tree name

Scientific Name - Eucalyptus moluccana

Other common names for this tree are, Gum Topped Box, Brown Box and Grey Ironbox. Many of the 700 species of Eucalypt trees in Australia, have a number of different field names used for the same tree.

tree description

The Ironbox is an attractive tree, which can grow up to 15 metres high and has rough, persistent "Box" type bark on the trunk, and a smooth "Gum" type whitish bark top. Leaves are deep glossy green in colour.

flowering period

Queensland Ironbox flowers from late February through to April, with white flowers borne in bunches at or near the end of the branches.

Hive Location Maps